Thursday, August 25, 2011


So I am super excited for this seasons extremely 'European Inspired' colour blocking fashion! When you first think of the idea you may cringe at composing melon blushes with tangerine oranges or chartreuse citruses with cobolt blues on the same piece of apparel.However I'm convinced it will grow on you. The more you see it worked the more you'll want to work it your own way. I'm happy knowing that this is something the fashion industry is pushing with such bold 'bright' concepts, allowing a level of freedom and uniqueness when putting outfits together, without phasing as many people as it may normally. To me this seems like a big step in fashion, which is exciting! I am hoping that Australian designers, buyers and retailers will continue to be highly influenced by European fashion as there are such creative ideas out there that the rest of the world could appreciate!

Because Ive become more and more aware of colour blocking I seem to see it in more ways than one. By accident as I was baking a batch of cupcakes this week I realized as I was busy icing that id colour blocked my cupcakes even!

With interiors however, Im not huge on the colour blocking concept when it comes to the colour of walls. I can very much appreciate it with decor and homewares or even just a quirky bright table setting.

Pretty much, colour seems to make me happy! And I am glad to see its coming through Australian fashion this spring/summer season. So if you remember when you first saw two colours that you thought clashed and cringed, I ask you to reconsider and give it a chance.

All my Love

ChloƩ. x

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