Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bathtub IV

Sometimes I wish people would realize, Life is simple.

We are naive. Theres always something bigger. Fake smiling *actually makes you feel better. Frowning uses more energy... sooo why waste it on frowning when you could spend it on laughing??

Things such a this film keep me grounded, and remind me that theres bigger things in life than the little things some people worry about. So dont hate, Appreciate! Keep calm and CARRY ON! :) x

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful homes in films...

Is it just me or do you envy all the stunning homes in movies?
They all seen very eclectic and lush. Normally with fresh light tones and very good mood lighting.

Some of the movies I have remembered the houses clearly, are 'Its Complicated' (the garden in that movie is so gorgeous too!) 'The Holiday' and  'Somethings Gotta Give'. If you haven't seen some of these movies you really should watch them even just to admire the houses they live in and the locations they're set in.

 Its Complicated

 Somethings Gotta Give

The Holiday

Hope you liked them as much as I did.


Monday, August 16, 2010

A hippo who is allergic to magic and the others

How gorgeous is this little Frenchie!
I wouldnt mind if she told me bed time stories every night, I could listen to her for hours! She has such a wild imagination.
Ive decided my children are going to learn French from a very young age, cos its just TOO cute :P
Love x
ps, when it finishes and other videos come up along the bottom watch the little man singing 'Hey Jude' another cutie.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Am really liking these dutch interiors :) Very stylish with the neutral, natural colours such as greys and beige. They all look like very calming warm spaces to be in, which is very appealing on these cold winter nights.
Keeping with the dutch theme I am also starting to love clogs this season. What I like about them is their real rustic look. I am a fan of chunky and oversized things in fashion especially when it comes to accessories and these clogs are defiantly what you'd call chunky. Not sure how comfy they'd be to wear all day but hey all in the name of fashion. Keeping with their rustic/organic look, id wear them with a breezy little white summer dress, just keeping it simple, as the shoes are a standout piece of the outfit.
I know many of you may not be a huge fan of the clogs comeback, however I think you should give them a chance coming into this spring/summer season.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Black Shacks

Love em'!!
So suave. So modern. So deceiving, making an old shack look fresh and neat.

The first black house I remember noticing was in Byron Bay. Just a really simple single story house that was really open and light, with white details. It stood out and I thought it was a bold thing to do but I really really loved it.

I love how even an old home can pull it off turning it trendy and creating a really modern look for itself.
I also love it when a modern black house has an old coloured door. I particularly love houses that have bright red doors esp. terrace houses. Its just so fun and quirky.

With Love
Chloe x

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Dreamy….

Lately I've been thinking about dreams. Not the kind of dreams you have while sleeping but dreams you hope for for your future. Things you want to achieve. Things your look forward to.

Today I found my dream home.
It was so beautiful, with a nice sized yard, big fig trees, so many little places to sit in the garden and a lovely sunny balcony. The house was historic with big windows and old brick. The property had a few different buildings on it. Places I would turn into studios and guest houses. It had so much potential and I would kill to look inside. I could only peep over the fence and get a look, but that was all it took to decide this was my dream home.

This may sound funny but I often just sit and design my home in my head. Thinking about how one day I will live in this gorgeous home with 5 children and a handsome husband. There will be big trees and the house will have high ceilings that are flooded with natural light. It will have so much storage and be painted in soft neutral colours. I will decorate it with art and many sentimental pieces.

One of the main things I always look forward to having is a really big rustic dining table, that my big family will sit around and enjoy meals together. Its rectangular, quality timber thats been bashed around a bit. Around the table are eames (chairs) that I absolutely love.


The home is never dark, but always light with many windows and sky lights, making it warm and cosy. Its not cluttered nor sparse, but its balanced and well proportioned.

Ive been working on a 'Dream' portfolio, with many magazine cutouts and things I find that inspire me. It gets me excited to design and think about my dream home.
I have hundreds of home magazines! seriously HUNDREDS, Im just so addicted. I know, most girls my age are more into cosmopolitan, cleo or marie clare, but i simply cant get enough of home magazines haha! (Even if Im out and reading the paper or a magazine and I find something that inspires me, I quietly rip it out to put in my portfolio :P)

Sometimes when life's dull its good to look forward to your future and make changes to achieve the dreams you really want to achieve. Get excited about them and stop stuffing around. Work hard and stay focused, don't get lazy or waste your time, Just get on with it! Don't make your dreams small, make them big, MASSIVE even. At least when you get there no-one will be able to wipe the smile from your face. You'll be laughing!

Make a dream board, write lists, dream BIG.

Keep smiling and much love

Chloe x

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well here I am again. This week has been fantastic, although my weekend was not the best, I'm reminiscing what great times I had during the week. And now i'm waiting, for whats next... Sometimes I wish I could jump ahead 5 years or so, just so I could be settled. At the moment I feel slightly frazzled as to what and where I want to go and do with my future. There's a ridiculous amount of decisions to make and I change my mind every day as to what I want! The future does excite me. Even two weeks from now excites me. (my bestie is coming to town for a whole week!!!) Making plans excites me, surprises excite me, adventure excites me, music excites me and the list goes on, and on and on...

(my room)

Although my week has been a little up and down, I try to do little things that keep me smiling. eg: Lighting scented candles, changing my room around, talking to the lady at the register, driving to some classic songs, looking through old photos, singing, writing in my diary, creating outfits, eating breakfast outside in the sun, I also like to make little things and write little letters to give to people.

To be honest I do much prefer hand written letters than emails or inbox messages. Ive been collecting a few stamps I find around the place, just so I can send some letters. Its so much more personal and romantic. I was reading an article the other day that was questioning 'romance' and whether its something just old fashioned and not used anymore because its been 'replaced'. Im sorry, but id hate to think it had been 'Replaced' dont you? It shouldn't even be classified as 'old fashioned'... silly.

Anyway im so sorry for getting side tracked. By the look of this post, you could probably grasp my sense of frazzledness. Pray for me :P

This week, take some time to do something out of the ordinary, post a letter to someone special( it will surprise them), light some candles, listen to some music you used to love, send a message to someone you haven't seen in ages, bake something,jump on your bed,go on a date, put your music on really loud and dance,go for a long walk by yourself, buy some flowers or send someone a bunch, organize a picnic,change your room around, make a cubby out of sheets, talk to the check out chick and make someones day!

Talk soon cutie x x

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello there, its been a while since we've caught up!
I'm so so sorry. I just feel like the last few weeks I've lacked inspiration and a zest for my creativity. I did get a bit worried about it, but today I had coffee with mum and she told me its normal and just a phase, phew! Hopefully it doesn't last long at all. I've been a bit sick the last few days which has allowed me time to rest, think and write. Whilst lying in bed Ive written some songs, poems and letters. Some for you, and some not for you :P Ive been day dreaming and thinking about what my life will be like in 10 years time. I have this massive picture in my mind and its absolutely beautiful :) If only I could show you. Its very very colourful.
I think thats why I love it so much, because im so in love with COLOUR!
I remember, in school I used to colour all my headings, up until my final exams. My business studies teacher used to tell me that the brain LOVES colour!
Sometimes during this season of the year, everything feels a bit dull. But don't let it! Even the magazine I was flicking through yesterday was so colourful and it did lift my spirits a little.
If you want my advice, add more colour to your wardrobe, walls, makeup and LIFE! and I can assure you, you will be happier... just thank me later. :)

ps. I miss you frenchie :P

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We. love. Stripes.

Loving stripes this season, although sometimes they are not so flattering for the figure, when you find the perfect one, you work it well.
Not only are stripes so big in this seasons fashion, you'll also find its used within interiors, making bold,sophisticated statements.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am a Princess, a Warrior, a Daughter.
I am clothed with Dignity and Strength.
I am Fashioned for Greatness.
My God Designed me, therefore I shall be Treasured like a QUEEN.

Sunday, May 2, 2010