Sunday, April 24, 2011

So on good Friday I spontaneously decided to take a trip back to my parents house out in Kurrajong to stay the night as they were away on Easter break. My best friend and I spent the night there and decided to head over the mountains on Saturday and see what quirky things we could come across and see where we ended up. On our journey we came across some old furnace ruins in the middle of a big paddock. It was perfect for photography and video footage even though it was sprinkling rain. The place had so much atmosphere, even though it seemed a little scary with the steam train noises in the distance it was so cool to explore these historic ruins. With our footage and photography I decided to make a short film, so have a watch and get a snippet of our adventure at the furnace ruins. Happy Easter! loads of love
ChloƩ x

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  1. Saweet photos chloe, u are creative and a hotty. xxxx