Monday, August 16, 2010

A hippo who is allergic to magic and the others

How gorgeous is this little Frenchie!
I wouldnt mind if she told me bed time stories every night, I could listen to her for hours! She has such a wild imagination.
Ive decided my children are going to learn French from a very young age, cos its just TOO cute :P
Love x
ps, when it finishes and other videos come up along the bottom watch the little man singing 'Hey Jude' another cutie.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Am really liking these dutch interiors :) Very stylish with the neutral, natural colours such as greys and beige. They all look like very calming warm spaces to be in, which is very appealing on these cold winter nights.
Keeping with the dutch theme I am also starting to love clogs this season. What I like about them is their real rustic look. I am a fan of chunky and oversized things in fashion especially when it comes to accessories and these clogs are defiantly what you'd call chunky. Not sure how comfy they'd be to wear all day but hey all in the name of fashion. Keeping with their rustic/organic look, id wear them with a breezy little white summer dress, just keeping it simple, as the shoes are a standout piece of the outfit.
I know many of you may not be a huge fan of the clogs comeback, however I think you should give them a chance coming into this spring/summer season.