Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Dreamy….

Lately I've been thinking about dreams. Not the kind of dreams you have while sleeping but dreams you hope for for your future. Things you want to achieve. Things your look forward to.

Today I found my dream home.
It was so beautiful, with a nice sized yard, big fig trees, so many little places to sit in the garden and a lovely sunny balcony. The house was historic with big windows and old brick. The property had a few different buildings on it. Places I would turn into studios and guest houses. It had so much potential and I would kill to look inside. I could only peep over the fence and get a look, but that was all it took to decide this was my dream home.

This may sound funny but I often just sit and design my home in my head. Thinking about how one day I will live in this gorgeous home with 5 children and a handsome husband. There will be big trees and the house will have high ceilings that are flooded with natural light. It will have so much storage and be painted in soft neutral colours. I will decorate it with art and many sentimental pieces.

One of the main things I always look forward to having is a really big rustic dining table, that my big family will sit around and enjoy meals together. Its rectangular, quality timber thats been bashed around a bit. Around the table are eames (chairs) that I absolutely love.


The home is never dark, but always light with many windows and sky lights, making it warm and cosy. Its not cluttered nor sparse, but its balanced and well proportioned.

Ive been working on a 'Dream' portfolio, with many magazine cutouts and things I find that inspire me. It gets me excited to design and think about my dream home.
I have hundreds of home magazines! seriously HUNDREDS, Im just so addicted. I know, most girls my age are more into cosmopolitan, cleo or marie clare, but i simply cant get enough of home magazines haha! (Even if Im out and reading the paper or a magazine and I find something that inspires me, I quietly rip it out to put in my portfolio :P)

Sometimes when life's dull its good to look forward to your future and make changes to achieve the dreams you really want to achieve. Get excited about them and stop stuffing around. Work hard and stay focused, don't get lazy or waste your time, Just get on with it! Don't make your dreams small, make them big, MASSIVE even. At least when you get there no-one will be able to wipe the smile from your face. You'll be laughing!

Make a dream board, write lists, dream BIG.

Keep smiling and much love

Chloe x